I’m a mindset & life coach, speaker, journalist, consultant & podcaster. I use my unique approach, The Priorities Method, to help people and organisations realign their priorities, remedy their minds and transform their lives.

Hi, I'm Lily



I run panel talks and events, and write for global publications including Vogue, Refinery29 and Mind Body Green. And I work with many charities including The Refugee Council and Crisis.

I have a few free coaching resources, like my podcast, Priorities, and my newsletter prioritise this. They're a great opportunity to consider your own priorities, and whether you’re living the life you want to live. If you're interested in delving a bit deeper, there's the The Priorities Method Journal
I have been featured in Women's Health, Vogue, The Guardian, iD, Country & Townhouse, Dazed Beauty, Nylon, and NBC News.

Before all this I spent 12 years working in magazines as a fashion and arts journalist, and I still enjoy a high heel and a dirty martini now and then.

Life can be tough, I get that.

It's packed full of demands, distractions, and endless choices. It's hard to get a hold on things, it's hard to get a hold on yourself! 

I've been there, and I can say from personal experience (and from coaching thousands of clients across the world!) that working out your priorities can help. A lot. 

Having a clear (but flexible) idea of what’s important to you can empower you build a life that feels purposeful, joyful and truly like yours. It doesn’t mean things will always be perfect (this is impossible), but you will feel like you can finally sustain yourself through life’s inevitable ups and downs.

I have a unique approach, The Priorities Method, and I use this to teach courses, workshops, classes and retreats, offer 1:2:1 and corporate coaching and develop wellbeing programmes.