I teach workshops, classes and retreats, offer 1:2:1 and corporate mindset coaching, regularly run panel talks and events, and write for global publications. I’d love to work with you…

"Our team was truly blown away by their work with Lily – the sessions with her were the highlight of our leadership retreat. Not only did they learn valuable skills to help them develop personally and professionally, but the work with her created a pivotal perspective shift in our work as individuals and as a team. I cannot recommend Lily highly enough."

Ashley, Global Sales Director, Institute of Competitive Socialising


"I wanted to say thank you so much for the work you do - the world needs more people like you. I had never heard of you when my friend invited me to come along to your workshop, but having been in your presence yesterday and experienced first hand your teachings, I have to say you truly are an inspiration to me."

Bharat, workshop attendee


"Lily has a very calm energy and presence, which makes her very easy to talk to. The session was really personal and I liked the way it was guided by my thoughts rather than feeling in any way, shape or form formulaic. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who felt they needed a little guidance - even just a single session was incredibly beneficial."

Marissa, private client


"Lily is an amazing coach and my sessions with her were transformational. By the end of my first one-to-one she’d helped me identify some patterns of behaviour that I’d been stuck in for the past 20 years or so – I’d known deep down that there were things I needed to work on but hadn’t been able to identify what exactly they were and also didn’t have the tools or techniques to tackle them. Three sessions later everything is so much clearer and I feel empowered to make the changes I need to live the best possible version of my life. Thank you Lily!!"

Claire, private client


I use a unique combination of coaching techniques and meditation/breathwork tools to help individuals and teams transform their lives. My approach with each client is individual, and I take a 360 degree view to crafting sessions to fit your needs and goals and improve your overall wellbeing. I will empower you to: better connect with yourself (and those around you), access your core priorities, let go of negative patterns and motivate yourself for any changes, or difficulties, that may lie ahead. I specialise in struggles such as stress, anxiety, burnout, and envy, and how they manifest in our modern lives. I incorporate all the tools I have at my disposal to craft workshops, sessions and courses that are as engaging and enjoyable as they are thought-provoking and life-changing.


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Using my extensive experience (over 20+ years) of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, I create memorable and transformative classes, workshops and retreats for both individuals and brands. I believe yoga is for everyone, and that the real yoga happens off the mat. No one cares if can put your foot behind your head, but the lessons you can learn (flexibility, strength, understanding, compassion) will make a huge and lasting impact on your life. I’ve been practicing since I was 12, have been through injuries, pregnancy and childbirth, and have worked with a wide range of bodies and abilities. Above all, I want students to feel empowered and challenged to find what works best for them and their body. (Want to know more? Listen to my interview with Laura Thomas' on her podcast 'Don't Salt My Game' or read my feature for Refinery29, ‘The myth of the yoga body’.)

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Communicating is at the core of everything I do, and over many years I have become regarded as one of London’s leading speakers and journalists in the personal development and wellness industry. I have hosted live panels, Q&A’s and led workshops for global brands and companies on topics such as: the future of wellness, anxiety in modern life, stress in the workplace, goal setting, and aligning your life with your priorities. I have interviewed wellbeing experts, supermodels, world famous artists, best-selling authors, and celebrities, and I have written for international publications including Vogue, Mind Body Green and Refinery29.

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Try my completely unique, transformational sessions that incorporates breathwork, bodywork, meditation and coaching tips to leave you feeling energised, invigorated and calm. I offer these classes 1:2:1 and for organisations, but also lead a mini-version for free on Instagram live every Mon/Weds/Fri morning - 8.15am for 15 minutes. I created this distinct method in 2016, and have taught it for Soho House, Instagram, YogiBare, NBC and more. It combines everything I love and is one of my most popular offerings.

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